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The Charters

Narragansett Bay ~ Rhode Island Sound ~ Block Island Sound ~ Inshore/Offshore
Half Day/Full Day Sailing ~ From May to November ~ 1 to 4 Anglers ~ Call today for best dates

Fishing Guide

WELCOME ABOARD THE RIVER REBEL Our charter operations offer a large variety of inshore and off shore fishing trips. We are licensed to carry six passengers but prefer to keep the crew size down to four; we can make exceptions based on the trip. We can design a trip just for you or you group.

May and June - most our trips are half day morning or evening (great for after work). We target Striped Bass using live baits and fresh chunks. We will drift live lining the baits or bouncing chunks off the bottom. In May we have a few selected spots where we can stop and finish the day with a Tautog or two (Limits in May of 2007 were 3 per-person).

June as the waters warm we stay tight in the bay fishing for a larger variety of fish, Striped Bass, Fluke and Blue Fish. The schools of fish move around quite a bit during this month as the bait fish become lesser in numbers and the schools of Bass and Blues follow them to all reaches of the bay. Fluke fishing is just really getting started as they follow schools of squid inland.

Mid-June our journeys also focus on the shoals of Martha’s Vineyard and the Rock Piles of Block Island for full day trips for larger bass that are now seeking cooler waters. Weather pending, we like to get a really early start on these trips as Bass fishing is more productive during the dawn and early evening hours. We can depart the dock early AM and fish till mid morning and finish the day off with some fluke fishing, or we can depart in the evening and fish a number of locations through the night.

July the warmer days of summer is when anything and everything starts happening. Bass in large numbers are about at the islands, fluke seem to be at all the hot spots and moving to deeper water. Large blue fish with some remaining bass are stretching lines in the bay. The Shark bite turns on with some locations about an hour or less from RI. On our ten hour shark trips we average about five sharks per trip and we try to keep the crew size down to three people as this helps insure that everyone is fishing and everyone gets to feel the excitement of having their line tighten by these great fighters of the deep. Types of sharks you will see can be Mako as they perform their acrobatic aerial shows, once hooked, Blue Sharks and Threshers which are some of the most common.

August the dog days of summer is when most attention is given to offshore runs for Sharks, Tuna and Mahi-Mahi. The weather seems to fall into a pattern of calmness before the turning of the leaves and offshore storms brew in September, making August a great time to explore the depths for Tuna and Shark. The Striped Bass are really on the move with the cover of darkness chasing eels at any of the Islands. Fluke season closes in mid-August in Massachusetts, For that family half day trip we can head out in Narragansett bay for some Scup, Fluke and Blue fish. September the waters offshore become a little restless but the Tuna and Mahi-Mahi are closer to the mainland and make for a shorter chase. The Striped Bass action continues on the Islands as they start fatting up to migrate south. Fluke are still hanging in for a fishable target.

October is Tautog month in Rhode Island waters with the increase in limits during this time and such a great edible fish targeting these fish make a half day or full day worth its while. Oh and the Striped Bass action is hot from Martha’s Vineyard to Long Island as these seek after trophies follow the schools of bait that have gathered off the shores of Rhode Island. It is very common on these trips to catch Striped Bass, Blue fish and Bonitos

November is hunting season for our family and putting the boat away hoping for a short mild winter so we can quickly return to the water of Narragansett Bay. We hope that you will return and give the Captain and crew of the River rebel an opportunity to stretch your lines.

Fishing Guide